Shaquem Griffin defines odds and get drafted by the Seahawks

Shaquem Griffin defines odds and get drafted by the Seahawks

Shaquem Griffin defines odds and get drafted by the Seahawks

In February at the NFL Combine, Griffin ran a 4.38-second 40-yard dash, which was the best of any linebacker since 2003.

I anxious I was being overly sentimental to think the Seahawks should choose the one-handed linebacker from Central Florida who just so happened to be the twin brother of Shaquill Griffin, the cornerback the Seahawks drafted in the third round a year ago. Shaquill was picked up by Seattle in the third round a year ago, and Shaquem came on like a runaway freight train the past two seasons, earning a draft selection on Saturday.

In four seasons at Central Florida, Griffin played in 39 games with 26 starts and had 175 tackles, 18 ½ sacks, two interceptions and 11 passes defensed. I just anxious that feeling was based more on emotion than the cold, hard business decisions that the best franchises make.

Griffin was not present at AT&T Stadium on the final day of the draft, instead waiting to hear the news with family and friends at a nearby Arlington hotel, and had one of the more unusual ways of finding out he was chosen.

Shaquill urged the Seahawks to take his brother. The performance at the combine turned Shaquem into a star, but it didn't guarantee a team would give him a shot.

"This is not the end of my's only just the beginning", Shaquem said.

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So I stopped short of rooting for the Seahawks to draft Shaquill's twin brother right up until the very moment the Seahawks picked him. "I'm extremely blessed", Shaquem said. "So every day I made sure to mention my brother about something, even if it was just, "Hey man, my brother got a good workout in, his backpedal is looking smooth every day". "He is as fast as you can get as a linebacker", Carroll said.

"I know the 425, the 206 - I know the area codes for Seattle".

Griffin's college coach Scott Frost tweeted "About time", after the pick was made.

Griffin also bench-pressed 225lb 20 times, three more than his identical twin managed, having attached a prosthetic hand onto the bar.

"I think the thing that stood out to me was somebody told me they had sat down with (Shaquem) for five minutes and they gained the same inspiration from him as they did the first time they were able to sit down with John Wooden", Schneider said.

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