Kanye West tweets support for President Trump

Kanye West tweets support for President Trump

Kanye West tweets support for President Trump

The entertainment industry is overwhelmingly liberal.

Of course she did, and in typically thoughtful and hilarious fashion.

It's a sad state of affairs - especially since this bullying happens in an industry that is supposed to be based around empathy and diversity of thought.

Just this year, there has been the enormous ratings success of "Roseanne", a sitcom that tackles politics without an obvious liberal agenda and dares to show Trump voters in a sympathetic light.

The reality star replied: "Yes but maybe no phones".

But less than an hour later Kanye followed up with another tweet, a request from his wife Kim Kardashian West, a critic of Trump, who wanted him to clarify that he does not agree with everything Trump does. He is my brother. But many people of color don't have "the luxury of closing their eyes and ears", he continued, ending with: "I love that great, brilliant artists have the power to imagine a better future". That's what makes us individuals.

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However, according to ESPN, Jones said the Cowboys will be looking for a wide receiver in the draft that can help out right away. "We've already seen the Cowboys cut Dez Bryant , but that doesn't mean they're done making changes at wide receiver".

It went on for a bit after that, with West tweeting out a MAGA hat, plus making several references to loving everyone.

Though West has refused to apologize for any of his views or beliefs, others have folded under pressure. I'm nobody's 'client.' Yes I got rid of my last lawyer why?

"You take care of yourself, I'll see you soon", Trump told West when they left the tower. If anything a lot of people felt antagonized, particularly the celebrity friends who unfollowed West in droves.

Fellow artists Chance the Rapper also defended West. Siding with Trump is merely an opportunity to court attention and persuade his remaining fans into believing his push for "independent thought" is another stroke of genius, similar to wearing the Confederate Flag because "any energy is good energy".

There's one thing you can not deny about Kanye, and that is that he's a genius. Kanye's comments and the backlash from them aren't about being a free thinker, it's about him perpetuating a racist president who stood up in front of the world to say that Nazis and anti-racist protesters are the same.

The Root's Rochelle Ritchie writes: "I would like to think that Owens, who has been sent down to free us from the mental bondage of the Democratic Party, has done some research on these issues, but it's clear she hasn't". Yeezy has a bunch of projects scheduled to drop and he's made a decision to flip the script, confusing even his closest associates, but we know in some way it's all about the promotion.

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