You can now buy the Amazon Echo Spot in India

You can now buy the Amazon Echo Spot in India

You can now buy the Amazon Echo Spot in India

The smart speaker war has taken off in earnest with Amazon launching yet another addition to the Echo line. "With the screen, Alexa adds an enriching visual experience to voice activation and control".

Similar to the grownup version of the Amazon Echo Dot, Alexa will answer your questions, but the responses on the newer device are tailored to a younger audience. As an introductory offer, Amazon is selling the Echo Spot at Rs. 10,499 through its site and select retailers across the country, including Croma, Reliance, for a limited period.

The device supports streaming services and more including food ordering from Zomato or requesting a ride from Ola. There are two tiers available: the free standard tier and one called FreeTime Unlimited that costs an additional $2.99/month for Prime subscribers (all Echo Dot Kids Editions come with a free year of FreeTime Unlimited).

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Further, Echo Spot features second generation far-field technology with four microphones, acoustic beamforming technology, and enhanced noise cancellation, which ensures that the user's voice gets recognised even from across the room. With Echo Spot, you can also see the product image, title, price and user ratings on the screen when shopping. Amazon also promises to replace the device for free if it gets broken within two years. This includes voice-commanding music or movies on the speaker or even connected to other speakers, making queries, voice shopping, booking tickets or a cab, hearing one's horoscope, and many other options. Amazon might position the device as a poor man's Echo Show with a leaning more towards video content consumption.

Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, will likely figure heavily in the robot. However, people close to the project have indicated that the robot will be in a form of a mobile Alexa, and will accompany customers in some sections of theirs homes where they can't access Echo. It also lets you set limits on how much Alexa can be used, and times during which Alexa should be disabled.

In other Amazon news, The Information reports that private equity firms and other investors are "circling" small businesses that successfully sell on Amazon's platform. It could very well end up being the ideal streaming and smart speaker combo, though that's unlikely since Amazon risks muddying up its smart speaker lineup with such a device.

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