Google upgrades Gmail to offer greater productivity

Google upgrades Gmail to offer greater productivity

Google upgrades Gmail to offer greater productivity

Sundar Pichai's tech firm unveiled a raft of changes and improvements to its online email service that now has over 1.4 billion active users. So changes are important.

Google is making some sweeping changes to Gmail in the biggest set of updates to its flagship email service.

The new-look Gmail is rolling out gradually from today across 1.4 billion or so users, so be patient if it hasn't already appeared in your web browser.

Gmail is getting deeper G Suite intergations to directly create and edit Google Calendar invites, send notes to Google Keep, and manage to-do items in Tasks.

Want to try some of these new features for yourself?

The changes to Gmail also fulfill another top demand of business executives - message expiration.

Finally, a new confidential mode allows Gmail users to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages. There's probably no solution for someone screen-capturing an email, but this could cut down on accidental (or deliberate) forwarding of confidential information. Gmail makes it so. And you can drag emails into Tasks to add them to your list. Smart Reply scans your messages for key words and generates quick and basic responses - for example, if you receive an email containing the words "Do you prefer to meet Monday or Tuesday?' Smart Reply will suggest responses such as "Let's do Monday, ' 'Monday works for me" or 'Either day works for me". Integrated third-party apps can be accessed from the right rail as well.

Google upgrades Gmail to offer greater productivity

In the inbox pane, you have the availability to interact with the messages without even opening them. The feature helps you to send an email out of your inbox.

Speaking of panels, you'll be able to collapse the left side panel if you want more space for your emails. You can also mark emails to be deleted or archived, and everything will be updated after your connection comes back.

Have you got the new Gmail?

Mobile also has a few nifty new features, like high-priority notifications, or suggestions when to unsubscribe to certain newsletters. Reply?", and for sent emails, the mailing client will use text such as "Sent X days ago.

The new Gmail also offers a lot to users from a business and corporate perspective.

Gmail for web will also allow you to quickly access attachments right from the inbox without having to open the mail. Do you think confidential messages are a welcome addition? With Gmail, Google said it rebuilt email stockpiling databases, bound together three dueling frameworks for matching up messages crosswise over gadgets and overhauled PCs supporting the administration.

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