Sean Hannity denies receiving help from HUD for real estate investments

Sean Hannity denies receiving help from HUD for real estate investments

Sean Hannity denies receiving help from HUD for real estate investments

Last week, when HANNITY was exposed as the "third client" of COHEN, known as President TRUMP's personal attorney and characterized as a "fixer" who handles embarrassing situations for his clients, the PREMIERE NETWORKS and FOX NEWS CHANNEL host said that he had only "brief conversations" with COHEN about real estate and did not pay COHEN other than perhaps handing over "ten bucks". Two of the most expensive properties reportedly purchased by Hannity in Georgia used $17.9 million that he acquired through HUD's program.

More than 870 homes in seven different states have been purchased over the past decade, ranging from large mansions to rentals for low-income families, according to the newspaper. There is no indication that Hannity is engaged in any illegal practices, but he is the hidden owner behind at least some of the 20 companies through which he has bought property.

Several of Hannity's properties were bought at a discount after their previous owners defaulted on their mortgages in 2013. Hannity, who criticized Obama for the rate of foreclosures, said in 2016 there were "millions more Americans suffering under the president", but seems to have made the most of those foreclosures himself.

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for adult film actress Stormy Daniels who is now suing President Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen, said Sunday that Hannity's work with Cohen was likely "far more extensive" than the conservative media personality has let on.

Hannity responded by claiming he had a right to privacy.

Spokespeople for HUD and Fox News declined to comment to the Guardian. Hannity responded by arguing that he had solicited Cohen's legal advice nearly "exclusively" on real estate.

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"The fact is, these are investments that I do not individually select, control, or know the details about; except that obviously I believe in putting my money to work in communities that otherwise struggle to receive such support", Hannity said in a statement.

Hannity argued that he never discussed his original loans obtained during Obama's administration with anyone at HUD.

However, Hannity's real estate attorney Christopher Reeve said his client's property holdings were "highly confidential" and not relevant for the public. "I had no role in, or responsibility for, any HUD involvement in any of these investments".

"I doubt you would find it very surprising that most people prefer to keep their legal and personal financial issues private", Reeves wrote.

The Guardian reports that "late last month, Hannity's mortgages were replaced with loans for $22.9m that were rewritten with [Ben] Carson's HUD and a new bank".

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