Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury launching comeback after doping ban

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury launching comeback after doping ban

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury launching comeback after doping ban

Fury shocked the sporting World in November 2015 when he sensationally dethroned long-reigning Heavyweight icon Wladimir Klitschko in one of boxing's biggest ever upsets in recent years at the Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany. "I'm back to reclaim what is rightfully mine, that's the world because I hold it in my hand right there". He's looking for one punch all night. His comeback will be on June 9 in Manchester against an as yet unnamed opponent, but the first canary down the mine is expected to be Shannon Briggs. "Wilder is unsafe until the last few seconds of a fight, only needs one punch, but he's a bit weak around the old whiskers and he's not the best boxer in the world". Today's announcement that he would be returning to the ring was front page news in some of the United Kingdom tabloids and created a storm on social media where Fury has 891,000 followers on twitter. I am as fit as I have ever been.

"Before I was a boxer, but with the trials and tribulations I'm a real person", Fury said.

"I've got to congratulate the fella, he's done very well", he told a press conference in London.

Fury revealed that he keeps in frequent contact with Joshua and Wilder "because we all should fight each other, we all want to fight each other and the day is coming when we will all fight each other so that I can prove I am the real world heavyweight champion".

Fury said of his unusual rehab after being diagnosed with mental problems: "I had a good few nights out, having a good time after boxing since I was six years old". I have a top for him: "Get a handful of rice and throw it" that's the only way he'll land on me. Fury-Klitschko II was re-scheduled for October 29 in Manchester, but that match fell out too because Fury was emotionally and physically unfit to fight; he had put on an enormous amount of weight.

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"I needed a new spark and someone with the passion to achieve big goals".

No opponents have mentioned at the time of publication for Fury for the June 9th date.

Then he was asked about his alleged anti-Semitic remarks, he hit back: 'I'm a boxer I'm not interested in politics or anything else'.

"I willingly gave the belts up and now I'll willingly get them back again".

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